About Us

As the economy keeps ticking back to life, so does the spirit of the independent business professional in Santa Cruz County. Too free-spirited to be locked in a corporate office or cube, too social to be sequestered in the home office, this foot soldier of the economic rebirth requires the perfect happy middle ground: OfficeClub.

OfficeClub offers professionals who are looking for a premier work environment, a full-time or part time concierge experience, with the absence of contracts and additional fees as place to work. OfficeClub members’ services include as little as renting a luxurious conference room for an hour to executive assistant or even dry cleaning services.

Frank DeBernardo and Jason DeFrancesco, two local Santa Cruz County residents, started the OfficeClub because as two independent business owners they couldn’t find what they felt was a professional, high-end, service-oriented office experience that would meet their needs or their clients’ needs on a full or part-time basis. They liked the concept of NextSpace, but felt it did not include the look, design and services they wanted for their own clients.